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Faculty Job Openings

Job openings for faculty positions in the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) at UMBC are shared on Department websites. Review the specific position details for instructions on how to apply. Application instructions are specific to each position and are posted on COEIT Department websites.

Visit the Departments to view open faculty job searches. Additional information about job opportunities are available on UMBC Human Resources website. Visit the UMBC Faculty Diversity website for information about initiatives and resources.To find out more about COEIT and UMBC, see links below.

COEIT Strategic Plan
Faculty Development Center
UMBC Strategic Plan
UMBC Diversity Plan

Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering

No active searches at this time

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Information about 2018-2019 faculty searches is available here.

Information Systems

Information about 2018-2019 faculty searches is available here.

Mechanical Engineering

Information about 2017-2018 faculty searches is available here.

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