Center for Space Sciences and Technology

two people in dimly-lit lab
Photo by Kait McCaffrey/UMBC

The Center for Space Sciences and Technology (CSST) is one of UMBC’s two largest research centers and is responsible for over 20% of UMBC’s federal research funding. It is the primary home for over 60 scientists and engineers on the UMBC faculty who are conducting research in a wide range of topics within the domains of astrophysics and solar system exploration. CSST’s scientists and engineers are supported by grants from NASA, NSF, and other sponsors. Most of the CSST faculty are based out of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland, with additional CSST research taking place at UMBC’s main campus in southwest Baltimore County. CSST works closely with the faculty and students in UMBC’s degree-granting departments as well as with UMBC’s other NASA-focused research centers.

CSST website: Center for Space Sciences and Technology

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