COEIT Research Day

Two photos: (L) Man stands in front of poster with symbols of robots, trucks, computers and talks to group of seated students. (R) Information systems student Anthony Rivera explains his research to another researcher
(L) Nilanjan Banerjee talks to students during a demo of the new operations technology cyber range. (Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11/UMBC) (R) Information systems student Anthony Rivera explains his research at a conference at CU Boulder. (Photo courtesy of Anthony Rivera.)

We invite you to attend COEIT research day on April 19th from 9 am to 3pm.

The goal of this day is to cross pollinate ideas across departments in COEIT and across external collaborators with a followup seed funding activity to spark interdisciplinary projects.

The first half of the day will consist of spotlight talks in thematic parallel sessions from across COEIT departments and the second half of the day will comprise a college wide poster day.

We hope to welcome colleagues, collaborators and industry partners to share the exciting research happening in COEIT and create pathways for future interdisciplinary projects.





For more information feel free to contact the Research Day Working Group Members.

Research Day Working Group
Vandana Janeja (COEIT)
Alan Sherman (CSEE)
Claire Welty (CBEE)
Jianwu Wang (IS)
Meilin Yu (ME)

Session Chairs
Ramana Vinjamuri (CSEE)
Meilin Yu (ME)
Molly Mollica (ME)
Foad Hamidi (IS)
Chris Hennigan (CBEE)

Poster Judges
Alok Ghanekar (ME)
Ankit Goel (ME)
Ant Ozok (IS)
Carolyn Seaman (IS)
Helena Mentis (IS)
Ida Ngambeki (IS)
Jamie Gurganus (ECEP)
Jianwu Wang (IS)
Jorge Almodovar (CBEE)
Karuna Joshi (IS)
Md. Osman Gani (IS)
Mohan Sundaram (IS)
Molly Mollica (ME)
Muhammad Ali Yousuf (CSEE)
Prasanna Joeg (CSEE)
Rajasekhar Anguluri (CSEE)
Ram Rustagi (CSEE)
Ravi Kuber (IS)
Riadul Islam (CSEE)
Samit Shivadekar (CSEE)
Sanjay Purushotham (IS)
Sudip Chakraborty (IS)

Poster Printing Support
Ronald Tsao (IS)
Andrea Miller (CBEE)
Christine Ricci (ME)
Rebecca Dongarra (CSEE)

Staff Support Group
Amy Heckhaus (COEIT)
Donique Lewis (COEIT)
Karen D. Mattingly (COEIT)
Emily Tien (COEIT)
Andrea Miller (CBEE)
Manar Anani (CSEE)
Steven Anderson (DOIT)

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