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Collaborative Student Funding Program

collaborative student funding photo

Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC.

Collaborative proposals are requested from two or more student organizations for joint activities that involve students from different departments or programs, affinity groups or student types. Potential examples might include SWE & ASME jointly organizing an outreach event for middle school girls. Proposals are sought for a variety of engagement activities, events, or projects, including, but not limited to, alumni or professional panels or seminars, community outreach activities, and professional development. A printable copy of the this page is available here. [PDF]

  • Recognize the tremendous leadership potential of COEIT-affiliated student organizations.
  • Encourage collaborations between the leaders and members of COEIT-affiliated student organizations.
  • Support COEIT-affiliated student organizations in external engagement and outreach and membership development activities that elevate our College.
  • Collaborations between two or more UMBC student organizations to participate in joint activities, projects, events, programs, or affinity groups.
  • Preference will be given to activities that are collaborations between COEIT-affiliated student organizations.
  • Student organizations are all officially recognized by Campus Life and SGA.
  • Planned activity will be conducted consistent with all UMBC policies and guidelines.
  • Activity must be completed during the academic year in which funds are requested.
The maximum amount requested should not exceed $1,000 for each request. $10,000 total awarded each academic year.

✔  Prepare to submit by collecting the following information.

    • Names and contact information of each student organization and any non-COEIT/non-student partner organizations, including faculty advisor name(s).
    • Event name, date, location, and short description (1000-character limit).
    • Event budget (uploaded as an Excel, Word, or PDF document) and description of other sources of funding.

✔  Submit your request at least 4-6 weeks (and preferably six weeks) prior to the planned event.

    • For best consideration, submit the funding request by the third Monday of each month.
    • The COEIT Dean’s Office team makes funding decisions by the third Thursday of each month.
    • Email notification will be sent to the primary requester within two weeks of the decision.

✔  Complete the COEIT Student Funding Request ( Note: You must be signed into myUMBC to access the application form.

    • Any files that are uploaded will be shared with the COEIT Dean’s Office team that manages funding requests.
    • Approved requests will be funded via reimbursement or the funds will be transferred to your organization’s account (valid UMBC chart-string is required).

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