COEIT Strategic Plan

Through innovation and collaboration, the College of Engineering and Information Technology will capitalize on our geographic location and unique blend of engineering and information technology to transform lives and meet societal challenges. COEIT’s strategic plan, adopted in Fall 2015, identifies concrete strategic directions, goals, and metrics to meet this vision.

Beginning in 2017, two primary themes have been used reach these two strategic directions and to also follow through on UMBC’s 2017 strategic plan, Our UMBC:

  1. Elevate the student experience.
  2. Build and sustain a strong college.

Strategic Direction 1: Address Grand Challenges to Meet Societal Needs in Security, Health, Energy and Environment

  • Goal 1.1: Raise the national research profile of programs and the College.
  • Goal 1.2: Increase the number of tenure-track faculty and continue to build a diverse world-class faculty.
  • Goal 1.3: Balance doctoral, masters, and undergraduate programs to enhance our capacity to address the Grand Challenges.
  • Goal 1.4: Promote research collaboration across departments and with key external partners to meet grand challenges with interdisciplinary solutions.
  • Goal 1.5: Increase COEIT investment in research infrastructure and support.

Strategic Direction 2: Promote Student Success through Innovative and Effective Educational Programs, Processes and Experiences

  • Goal 2.1: Develop thriving graduate programs with distinctive experiences to align with Strategic Direction 1.
  • Goal 2.2: Increase the undergraduate and graduate graduation rates from the College.
  • Goal 2.3: Establish a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program and begin graduating students recognized as NAE Grand Challenge Scholars.
  • Goal 2.4: Foster diversity and a climate of inclusive excellence.
  • Goal 2.5: Enhance alumni engagement and giving.

The Dean’s Office sponsors a competitive internal proposal process that seeks to fund projects with high potential to positively impact College strategic plan metrics.

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