Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics

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Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11/UMBC.

Real-time analytics is the leading edge of a smart data revolution, pushed by advances in internet-connected sensor hardware on the one side, and accelerated Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) analysis on the other. The Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA) explores the ways in which new approaches to these technologies and their integration can be developed that have relevance to our industrial and agency partners. Dr. Karuna Joshi is the Director of CARTA at UMBC. The center is focused on horizontal foundational technologies that create an infrastructure powering applications of national significance. This center, an NSF-sponsored Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC), includes sites at UMBC, Rutgers University, University of Miami, and Arizona State University. CARTA aims to usher in the era of accelerated real-time analytics by effectively utilizing innovative technologies such as cognitive computing, machine learning, and quantum computing to address our nation’s global competitive challenges in health security, disaster mitigation, and the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. CARTA offers a unique opportunity for Faculty and graduate students to collaborate with industrial partners on applications of relevance to these partners, who represent a suite of potential future employers for the graduate students.

CARTA website: Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics

Read more about CARTA in UMBC News | Contact CARTA.

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