Cybersecurity Exploratory Project Awards

UMBC’s Cybersecurity Leadership Task Force has recently awarded funding to seven exploratory projects on cybersecurity education and research, with a goal of enhancing UMBC’s role as a leader in cybersecurity. Proposals were submitted by teams from all three academic colleges and several of UMBC’s research centers and institutes, covering a broad range of topics. Recipients were awarded up to $25,000 in funding, beginning May 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024. Awardees from the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) are shared on this page.

Visit UMBC’s internal funding opportunities website for more information on open calls for proposals.

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2023 Cybersecurity Exploratory Project Awardees

  • “Policy Integrated Blockchain to Automate HIPAA Part 2 Compliance Applied to Medicaid Data,” led by Jim Clavin, chief technology and compliance officer at the Hilltop Institute, and Karuna Joshi, associate professor of information systems.
  • “CyberCELL: Cybersecurity Curriculum Express Learning Library,” led by Ida Ngambeki, assistant professor of information systems, and Deborah Kariuki, director and clinical faculty of computer science education.
  • “Vulnerable Populations’ Perspectives on Data Security and Privacy of Mental Health Technologies,” led by Helena Mentis, professor of information systems.
  • “The UMBC Ethical Software Lab (ESL),” led by Mohammad Samarah, professor of information systems, and Melissa Morris, professor of information systems.
  • “Investigating Cybersecurity Educational Initiatives to Support Older Adults,” led by Ravi Kuber, associate professor of information systems.

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