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Undergraduate Research

UMBC is committed to providing an educational experience that encourages students to solve problems, develop leadership, and become innovators. Our students are involved in a wide-range of research experiences, working directly with faculty members in labs and with industry partners in government and the private sector.

The Office of Undergraduate Education, the Career Center, and other UMBC offices including College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) Departments help to strengthen these connections between academic knowledge and high-impact experiences that encourage exploring creative experiences and research.

Undergraduate Research provides information about several opportunities, including Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD), Undergraduate Research Awards (URAs), UMBC Review (journal of undergraduate research), and activities that support research, scholarship, and creative work carried out by UMBC undergraduates

URCAD features research, scholarship, and creative work carried out by UMBC undergraduates. Student work is shared through oral presentations, posters, artistic exhibits and performances, and film.

URCAD XII is scheduled on April 26, 2017. Sneak Peeks of highlighted research including COEIT students:

Theophilus Aluko (Mechanical Engineering)
Experimental and Computational Analysis of Lift Generation by Wing Morphing Bird
Mentor: Dr. Meilin Yu and Ms. Jamie Gurganus

Hannah Aris (Chemical Engineering)
Recovery of Nutrients from Chicken Litter to Create a Slow-release Fertilizer
Mentor: Dr. Lee Blaney

Braxton Dubin, Samantha McDonald, Niara Comrie, and Nicholas Carter (Information Systems)
Empowering Occupational and Physical Therapists with 3D Printing Technology
Mentor: Dr. Amy Hurst

Savannah Steinly (Chemical Engineering)
Mapping the Specific Molar Extinction Coefficients of Organometallic Compounds
Mentor: Dr. Lee Blaney

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