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COEIT News + Events Highlights

UMBC Participates in WPI Institute on Project-Based Learning

Marie desJardins argues that ultra competitive hackathon culture may discourage women from pursuing careers in cybersecurity

Lee Blaney explains how technology can transform pollutants in chicken manure into a valuable product

Anthony Johnson, CSEE, to chair national advisory board promoting diversity in physics

Govind Rao, CBEE, discusses portable bioreactors developed to save lives on battlefields

Wearable biomedical technology NSF grant for Tinoosh Mohsenin (CSEE)

Marie desJardins, CSEE, discusses underrepresentation of women in artificial intelligence research

Marie desJardins explains what’s needed to bring computer science to K-12 nationwide

Ting Zhu, CSEE, receives NSF grant to develop localization and mapping techniques

Kavita Krishnaswamy, CSEE Ph.D. student, named an emerging leader in robotics

Dean Julia Ross receives “Outstanding Chemical Engineer” honor