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Undergraduate Student Profiles — all

Graduate student profiles (all programs) are available here.

Retriever alumni preparing for graduate school, careers, and research around the world, we reflect on all they have achieved. Find out more about UMBC’s Class of 2019.

Did you graduate from UMBC? If you have an alumni update, please share it here.

Business Technology Administration

Laraib Balam (Business Technology Administration)
Alyssa Lambert (Business Technology Administration)
John Oputa (Business Technology Administration)
Lauren Robinson (Business Technology Administration)
Stephanie Savage (Business Technology Administration)

Chemical Engineering

Sammie Maygers (Chemical Engineering)
Naomi Mburu (Chemical Engineering)
Jessica Ramsey (Chemical Engineering)
Areej Shahid (Chemical Engineering)
Savannah Steinly (Chemical Engineering)

Computer Engineering

Nicholas Deborja (Computer Engineering)
Michael Gurvich (Computer Engineering)
Andrew Henry (Computer Engineering)
Surmud Jamil (Computer Engineering)
James Kakellos (Computer Engineering)
Nathan Niewoehner (Computer Engineering)
Suprina Pradhan (Computer Engineering)
Thomas Ranneberger (Computer Engineering)
Simon Rupp (Computer Engineering)
Brian Scherzo (Computer Engineering)
De’Shaunna Scott (Computer Engineering)
Marian Singletary (Computer Engineering)
Moon Skillin (Computer Engineering)
Arowa Suliman (Computer Engineering)

Computer Science

Samuel Bailor (Computer Science)
Nikola Bura (Computer Science)
Steven Byerly (Computer Science)
Federico Cifuentes-Urtubey (Computer Science)
Daniel Diseroad (Computer Science)
Rees Draminski (Computer Science)
Douglas Gessleman (Computer Science)
Jessica Izumi (Computer Science)
Erick Kengni (Computer Science)
Carson Miller (Computer Science)
Stephanie Milani (Computer Science)
Benjamin Przysucha (Computer Science)
Itay Raviv-Tamary (Computer Science)
Joy Roy (Computer Science)
Kate Swanson (Computer Science)
Moustapha Tiam (Computer Science)
Bryan Vanek (Computer Science)
Caroline Vantiem (Computer Science)

Information Systems

Brett Allen (Information Systems)
Mykiah Ashley (Information Systems)
Patricia Balram (Information Systems)
Jarrett Early (Information Systems)
Pablo A. Guerrero (Information Systems)
Albrere Sophie Kozolan (Information Systems)
Sarah Lilly (Information Systems)
Anusha Malla (Information Systems)
Alexandria Miller (Information Systems)
Ariana Nogin (Information Systems)
Nousher Qureshi (Information Systems)
Nina Tan (Information Systems)
Jake Tarte (Information Systems)

Mechanical Engineering

Olivia Bailey (Mechanical Engineering)
Aakash Bajpai (Mechanical Engineering)
Jordan Bonilla (Mechanical Engineering)
Ryan Brown (Mechanical Engineering)
Daniel Cooley (Mechanical Engineering)
Shannon Clancy (Mechanical Engineering)
Daniel DeSmit (Mechanical Engineering)
Matthew Dodge (Mechanical Engineering)
Matthew Dusek (Mechanical Engineering)
David Gutierrez (Mechanical Engineering)
Erica Haschert (Mechanical Engineering)
Alexander Ives (Mechanical Engineering)
Jamie Kshimetski (Mechanical Engineering)
Daniel Mayer (Mechanical Engineering)
Myles McVey (Mechanical Engineering)
Micah Nissly (Mechanical Engineering)
Julianne Posey (Mechanical Engineering)
Sarah Sinnokrot (Mechanical Engineering)
Benjamin Wolf (Mechanical Engineering)
Tess Wootton-Klebanoff (Mechanical Engineering)
Ricci Elijah Yator (Mechanical Engineering)

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