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Student Profiles (Graduate)

Undergraduate student profiles is available here.

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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Marilyn Allen (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)
Sheniqua Brown (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)
Cynthia Chelius (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)
Adam Day (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)
Laura Simpson (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)
Michael Zhang (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D.)

Computer Engineering

Deepa Gupta (Computer Engineering Ph.D.)

Computer Science

Mohammed Alsolami (Computer Science Ph.D.)
Ashwinkumar Ganesan (Computer Science Ph.D.)
Shantanu Hirlekar (Computer Science Ph.D.)
Aditya Pingle (Computer Science Ph.D.)
Dorsa Ziaei (Computer Science Ph.D.)

Naveen Bansal (Computer Science M.S.)
Deepanjan Bhattacharyya (Computer Science M.S.)

Electrical Engineering

Rami Mowakeaa (Electrical Engineering Ph.D.)

Engineering Management

Dikshitha Murthy Grandhe (Engineering Management, M.S.)

Environmental Engineering

Marwa El-Sayed (Environmental Engineering, Ph.D.)
James Sanders (Environmental Engineering Ph.D.)
Utsav Shashvatt (Environmental Engineering Ph.D.)

Human-Centered Computing

Ali Abdolrahmani (Human-Centered Computing Ph.D.)
Philip Feldman (Human-Centered Computing Ph.D.)
Galina Madjaroff (Human-Centered Computing Ph.D.)
Azin Semsar (Human-Centered Computing Ph.D.)

Krunal Odedra (Human-Centered Computing M.S.)
Morgan Scheuerman (Human-Centered Computing M.S.)
Tavon Thames (Human-Centered Computing M.S.)

Information Systems

Pravin Pande (Information Systems Ph.D.)

Mechanical Engineering

Daming Chen (Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.)
Kourosh Kalayeh (Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.)
Lai Wang (Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.)

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