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Graduate Student Profiles — Mechanical Engineering

UMBC graduate students in the College of Engineering and Information Technology are involved in a wide variety of research and activities. Learn more about what some of them do in the profiles below. Find out more about programs and degrees.

Retriever alumni are prepared for graduate school, careers, and research around the world. Find out more about UMBC’s newest alumni and read more about the Class of 2019.

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Daming Chen

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)
Thesis/research topic: 3D Continuously Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer System and Application
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Kourosh Kalayeh

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)
Thesis/research topic: Developing an Analytical Model for MEMS Tactile Sensors with Bionic and Robotic Applications
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Lai Wang

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)
Thesis/research topic: 1. Efficient high-order computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods for complicated flows, such as turbulence. 2. High performance computing.
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