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COEIT 2022 Celebration honors student, faculty, and staff

May 2, 2022 by Megan Hanks

The fifth annual COEIT Celebration recognized the outstanding contributions and achievements of COEIT students, faculty, and staff. The event was held in the Retriever Activities Center on Sunday, May 1, 2022, and welcomed approximately 400 graduating seniors and their guests along with other students, faculty, and staff.

In addition to the ceremony, student clubs, organizations, and capstone projects were showcased. Several students in each department were honored for academic achievement as well as leadership, and faculty and staff were also highlighted for college-level awards to honor their teaching, research, and service. 

See below for a listing of the awards that were presented.

2022 COEIT Faculty Awards

Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award
  • William Smith, adjunct faculty in computer science and electrical engineering
Early Career Faculty Excellence Award
  • Cynthia Matuszek, assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering 
Mid-Career Faculty Excellence Award
  • Helena Mentis, professor of information systems
  • Nirmalya Roy, associate professor of information systems
Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Neha Raikar, lecturer of chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering
2022 COEIT Staff Awards

Staff Award for Superior Service
  • Connie Bailey, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kathy Suess, COEIT Dean's Office
2022 COEIT Outstanding Partner
  • Nancy Clements, Division of Professional Studies
2022 COEIT Student Awards

Outstanding Seniors in Information Systems
  • Hannah Boyd
  • Elizabeth Dernoga
  • Ryan Freeman
  • Travez Hardin
  • Erik Jones
  • Nrupam Kachhia
  • Krish Patel
  • Neel Patel
  • Emily Wang
Student Leadership Award in Information Systems
  • Anthony Rivera
Outstanding Seniors in Business Technology Administration
  • Winston Agar
  • John Cosentino
  • Kate Himes
  • Hunter Jackson
  • Sarah Miller
  • Marjory Pineda
Vijay Jose Award Winner
  • Brandon Feldman
Outstanding Seniors in Computer Science
  • Anuar Beisembayev
  • Fredrick Gough
  • Kes Johnson
  • Eric Kim
  • Matthew Lyan
  • Faith Madeoy Gault
  • Eddie Nieberding
  • Anshika Patel
  • Mariah Qureshi
  • Safia Shah
  • Nick Sica
  • Ange Cedrick Tanon
Manohar Shyam Joshi Award
  • Henry Budris
Outstanding Seniors in Computer Engineering
  • Kelsey Chesnut
  • Ryan Hagler
  • Kaitlyn Keaton
  • Justin Loi
  • Jordan Plotkin
  • Isabela Porfirio DeAguiar
  • Matthew Schweiss
  • Joshua Slaughter
  • Brad Wolinski
CSEE Student Leadership Award 
  • Kelsey Chestnut
  • Joshua Slaughter
Outstanding Seniors in Mechanical Engineering
  • Colton Bare
  • Allison Dietz
  • Sean Edwards
  • Alexander Hagedorn
  • Aryeh Laks
  • Ryan Moxley
  • Diane Stonestreet
  • Arjun Trivedi
  • Hamza Umar
Student Leadership Award in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diane Stonestreet
Outstanding Seniors in Chemical Engineering
  • Fabian Amurrio
  • Carlos Castillo Lara
  • Sakina Esterberg
  • Zach Grace
  • Erin Huber
  • John Laporte
  • Nina Lau
  • Collin McDermott
  • Abby Polsky
  • Michael Rampolla
  • Theresa Snapp
  • Ellie Vonderhorst
Undergraduate Research Award
  • Fabian Amurrio
Student Leadership Award in Chemical Engineering
  • Asmaa Hasan
  • Erin Huber
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Posted: May 5, 2022, 2:42 PM