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Erin Lavik

Erin Lavik

Associate Dean and Professor

Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering

Information Technology & Engineering 217F


I obtained my Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate from MIT. I am currently the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development in the College of Engineering and IT and runs a research lab focused on developing new materials for treating injuries to and diseases of the CNS and for trauma.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on developing nanotechnologies to control bleeding and deliver drugs to promote repair after trauma and disease as well as the application of screen printing for 3D tissue models. We are interested in nanomaterials, drug delivery, polymers, and 3D printing as well as nanocapsules for on demand delivery of drugs.

Teaching Interests

I teach grad. thermo. and a grad. materials class. Both incorporate the stories of marginalized scientists who were essential to the discoveries and technologies we study as well as discussions around the role of the work we are studying in social justice.

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Daniel, Marie-Christine (Co-Principal), Lavik, Erin (Co-Principal), Zupan, Marcus (Co-Principal), deCarvalho, Tagide (Principal). “Acquisition of a TEM,” Grant Sponsored By: NSF.

Intellectual Contributions

Lavik, Erin, Vandevord, Pamela. (2017). . Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.