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Dayuan Tan

“Solid knowledge foundation. Rich practice opportunities. Helpful professors. Amazing research environment.”


Hometown: Hubei Province, China

Degree Program: Computer Science (Ph.D.)

Expected year of graduation: 2022

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Younis

Thesis/research topic: Internet of Things/Vehicles. Smart City. Smart Traffic Lights System. Wireless Sensor Networks. Localization.

Undergraduate Study:
2015, B.E., Computer Science, Tianjin Polytechnic University

What are some of the benefits of being part of the graduate community at UMBC?
Solid knowledge foundation. Rich practice opportunities. Helpful professors. Amazing research environment.

Briefly describe your graduate research.
Smart Traffic Lights System: Realized the communication between traffic lights and incoming vehicles in low cost then reschedule enduring time for each lights of each direction. A simulation based on Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO), OMNeT++ and Vehicles in Network Simulation (VEINS) had been built to evaluate the performance of different communication technologies. A model to maximum vehicles throughput and minimum average waiting time will be built, impacting city-wide area.

Have you worked on any specific research projects that you would like to highlight?
Airport Passenger Localization Technology based on Wireless Sensor Networks: Formulated airport passage location into the problem of “3-D nonuniform nodes’ localization”. Published 3 papers, received 1 software copyright, developed the LocLab simulation platform, and built the Testbed based on the OURS-IOTV2-2530 system and the CC2530 chip. Research on Integration of 3G and WLAN based on Queuing Topology: Observed and analyzed the blocking rate and the disconnection rate of the users in a heterogeneous network consisting of a cellular network and WLAN for different locations of mobile users, base stations and other access points. Received 1 software copyright.

When you are not teaching/researching, what are your hobbies or interests?
Jogging. Playing soccer/badminton ball. Swimming. Reading. Watching movies/comedies.

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