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COEIT Celebration honors student, faculty and staff awardees

May 13, 2020 11:58 AM
May 13, 2020 by Megan Hanks

UMBC’s third annual COEIT Celebration was held on May 3, 2020, recognizing the outstanding contributions and achievements of COEIT students, faculty, and staff. Over 100 students and their families and friends joined in the event, held virtually for the first time

Dean Keith J Bowman reflected on the year, and acknowledged that the spring semester has brought many challenges. “This has been a difficult time, but we’re really happy we can be together for this event as a College,” he shared.

Several faculty and staff were highlighted for college-level awards, honoring their teaching, research, and service. Students in each department were honored for academic achievement as well as leadership.

2020 COEIT Faculty Awards

Early Career Faculty Excellence Award
  • Andrea Kleinsmith, assistant professor of information systems
  • Hamed Pirsiavash, assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering 
Mid-Career Faculty Excellence Award
  • Nilanjan Banerjee, associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering
  • Zhiyuan Chen, associate professor of information systems
Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award
  • Joseph McGinnis, adjunct faculty in information systems
2020 COEIT Staff Awards

Staff Award for Superior Service
  • Cindy Greenwood, assistant director of the Center for Women in Technology
  • Brandi Loftus, business services specialist in COEIT Shared Services Center
2020 COEIT Student Awards

Outstanding Seniors in Information Systems
  • Michael Cook
  • Syeda Fatima
  • Aakash Durai
  • Jay Patel
Outstanding Seniors in Business Technology Administration
  • Brittany Coughlin
  • Liliana Evans
  • Nicole Kachay
Student Leadership Award in Information Systems
  • Maaz Amin
Outstanding Seniors in Computer Science
  • Katherine Atwell
  • Drew Barrett
  • Beau Dickens
  • Alexander Donaldson
  • Zoee Leckron
  • Matthew Manzi
  • Danilo Symonette
  • Connor Thomas
  • Bea Witt
Outstanding Seniors in Computer Engineering
  • Griffin Bonner
  • Casey Borror
  • Hamza Mahmoud
  • Alex Miu
  • Stephanie Saloka
  • Danielle Vitullo
Manohar Shyam Joshi Award
  • Anna Yaschenko
Student Leadership Award in Computer Science
  • Anna Staats
Student Leadership Award in Computer Engineering
  • Alex Miu
Outstanding Seniors in Mechanical Engineering
  • Tom Chaisson
  • Moshe Dinovitzer
  • Naomi Gordon
  • Tracy Eckstein Jones
  • Joshua Kelsey
  • Jamie Kshimetski
  • Susan Muzzey
  • Micah Nissly
Student Leadership Award in Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel DeSmit
Outstanding Seniors in Chemical Engineering
  • Eliana Crentsil
  • Joel Hayford
  • Sammie Maygers
  • Scott Nickells
  • Manos Tzortzakakis
  • Alex Von Gunten
Student Leadership Award in Chemical Engineering
  • Alex Von Gunten

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