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Mechanical Engineering Student-Musician Wins On-Line...

June 23, 2010 11:25 AM
Full Title: Mechanical Engineering Student-Musician Wins On-Line Contest

[6/23/10]--Luke Roberts sings and plays the drums and the piano all at the same time -- with one hand on each instrument -- in a band with his two brothers, Daniel and Michael.

The immense following helped Roberts, 20, win the second season of YOBISing, an international online singing contest that ended May 26.

With his friends' help, Roberts sent e-mails to family, friends and community listserves, hung banners and passed out fliers at school and even made T-shirts for people to wear asking for votes.

He plans to use his $18,000 in prize money to help pay off student loans and get some new band equipment, such as a new keyboard.

Though he wanted to take both his brothers, with only one extra ticket, Roberts said he will take Daniel, the oldest brother, who also attends UMBC.

By Lindsay McPherson <>lmcphersonpatuxent [dot] com

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