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Caroline Zellhofer

Zellhofer, Caroline-place“Look for a place you feel will support you and your goals the most effectively. I found that at UMBC and it made all the difference.”


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Campus Activities: Meyerhoff Program, Research at NIMS in Japan, President of UMBC Gaming Club

Why did you choose UMBC?
I loved the collaborative atmosphere at UMBC, both in the classroom and within the broader community. I felt at home with the Meyerhoff Program and at UMBC.

What do you love about UMBC?
I love how friendly and supportive everyone is. I’ve received a lot of encouragement and advice from my department and fellow students. I feel like any time I’ve had a problem, someone at UMBC is there to help.

What would you say to a prospective student?
Look for a place you feel will support you and your goals the most effectively. I found that at UMBC and it made all the difference.

What has been your favorite class at UMBC?
My favorite class was Mechanics of Materials with Dr. Panos Charalambides. Dr. Panos’s class was challenging, but rewarding. He emphasized theory in his class, which could be confusing but ultimately gave me a better understanding of why things work, not just how.

What are you researching? What faculty member are you working with?
This summer I will be researching at the National Institute of Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan through NNCI. I will be working to synthesize new functional inorganic materials and structures, including sensor materials, catalytic materials, and optoelectronic materials, for securing sustainable development. Specifically, I will be synthesize thin films and powders of oxide and nitrides with less rare-element consumption.

Where did you complete your internship/applied learning experience? What is the name of the company or organization where you complete the experience?
This past summer, I worked at Harvard University under Dr. George Whitesides, researching quasicrystalline optical sensors. I loved being able to work and learn from top researchers in my field on fundamental research, especially in Boston (which is a fun city to live in!)

What do you hope to achieve after you complete your degree at UMBC?
Starting next fall, I will be a PhD student at University of Maryland: College Park in Materials Science.

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