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COEIT Business Services Center

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Integrity, Service, and Effectiveness

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide the highest quality business and administrative support services to the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) and also to the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).

Vision Statement
The staff of the COEIT and DoIT Business Services Center is committed to providing outstanding customer service in a courteous, responsive, efficient, and professional manner. We will achieve our objectives by forming collaborative partnerships with those we serve and we will take pride in the continuous improvement of our services and staff.


Budget Development
• Provide Assistance to the Dean and Chairs in developing the annual State Budget
• Process COLA, Merit and Promotion increases in developing the annual State budget

• Process DoIT related bills to on-campus and off-campus customers
• Reconcile accounts to assure accuracy in billings and collections

• Process payroll for COEIT and DoIT Departments
• Work with financial staff to ensure that sufficient funds exist to support appointments and hires

Procurement Cards
• Use P-Cards to purchase goods and services
• Perform monthly reconciliations to assure proper use and payments

• Process requisitions
UMBC Procurement

Grant Pre-Award Support
• Assist PI’s in the development of pre-award proposals, budgets and electronic routing
• Links to forms, instructions, and contact information.

Grant Post-Award Support
• Assist PI’s in managing post-awarding funding
• Links

Account Reconciliation and Reporting (State, Revolving, DRIF, Foundation)
• Reconcile all accounts and prepare and present all reports to the Dean, Vice President of Information Technology, Chairs and Directors
• Links

Effort Reporting
• Assist the faculty in preparing and submitting their Effort Reports
• Links

• Assist Faculty and Staff in travel preparations, reservations and processing of payments and reimbursements
• Links

Financial management and decision making
• Assists Chairs, Faculty and Staff by providing financial information and data to make informed decisions
• Assists Chairs with decision making concerning mandated budget cuts and reductions

• Assists in the preparation of spreadsheets

Internal control
• Assist Departments in ensuring compliance with internal controls such as separation of responsibilities, reporting, and adherence to University, State and Federal guidelines and procedures
• Links

Business Services Center

Computer Science & Electrical Engineering (ITE Building 325 Suite)
Large department center serving the Departments of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

Robert Chester
Business Manager
ITE 325M

Camilla Hyman
Business Services Specialist
ITE 325J

Vera Douglass
Accounting Associate
ITE 325K

DeeAnn Drummey
ITE 325L

Dean’s Office (ITE Building 217 Suite)
Central administrative office serving pre-award grant/contract proposal needs of the College, state budget development, and IT systems security access.

James R. Milani, Jr.
Director of Administration
ITE 217G

Gina M. Fischer
ITE 216

Bobbie Stocks
ITE 217F

Business Services Specialist

Engineering Building (Engineering Building 202 Suite)
Regional/building center serving the Departments of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and the Division of Information Technology.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Other times by Appointment

Kathy Suess
Business Manager
E 202

Yvette Benton
E 202J

Michelle Bobovych
General Associate
E 202F

Jared Fincke
E 202B

Pamela D. Raley
Business Services Specialist
E 202H

Information Systems (ITE Building 404 Suite)
Large Department Center serving the programs in Information Systems

Shannon Mize
Business Services Specialist
ITE 404C